Luxury Quilted Mattress in Sherpa Fleece Chocolate
Danish Design

Dog Beds | Sherpa Fleece | Luxury Quilted Mattress

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Sid says...

"These Fleecy Luxury Quilted Mattress makes any cold night bearable."

More About this Collection of Dog Beds

This range of dog beds is designed with comfort in mind. Available in four rich colourways, wine, navy, grey and beige and featuring the exclusive Danish Design Paw Print motif. The Sherpa Fleece range offers your pet the ultimate in luxury for a fantastic sleeping experience.

Available in eight sizes.

  • 45cm - 18"
  • 53cm - 21"
  • 61cm - 24"
  • 68cm - 27"
  • 76cm - 30"
  • 84cm - 33"
  • 89cm - 35"
  • 101cm - 40"

 Available in four colours and each is patterned with paw prints.

  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Wine

The Dog Bed Fillings

The Foam contained in our products is *Combustion Modified High Resilient Foam (CMHR) to meet British Standard No. 5852, 1982 part 2, source 5. (with reference to the Furniture & Furnishings Fire & Safety 1989).

*The Fibre contained in our products is Fire Retardant and complies to the Furniture & Furnishings Fire & Safety Regulations 1988 BS.No. 5852 Ignition Source 2.



Mattresses are made to fit oval plastic beds and are filled with supersoft polyester fibre.

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